Learn how to take better pictures!

Want to learn photography but don’t have time for traditional classes? Polka Photos Class is designed to fit your schedule. Lessons are presented online every week and you can access each lesson at your own convenience. 

Basic Photo Composition

4 lessons starting Jan. 12

Learn the basic rules of photo composition. You’ll need a digital camera, either DSLR or other digital camera (high-definition camera phones such as iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy, Droid, etc are acceptable. Please feel free to ask if your phone will qualify.).

Cost: $25
Length: 5 weeks

$5 off when you refer a friend


Picture Your Kids:
How to take photos
of babies and children

8 lessons starting May 22

Learn how to use your DSLR to take better photos of your children. Class covers composition, finding the perfect exposure, basic lighting and how to stop taking blurry photos.

Cost: $99
Length: 9 weeks

Discount rate of $80 if you register by March 1

$5 off when you refer a friend

Back to Basics:
Learning DSLR photography in black & white

8 lessons starting Feb. 7

Want to get out of program or auto mode? Learn the basics: f-stop, iso, speed, exposure, light, stopping action and more. Bonus: darkroom techniques for use in Photoshop.

Cost: $99
Length: 9 weeks

Discount rate of $80 if you register by January 15

$5 off when you refer a friend

Photoshop Bootcamp
Covers Photoshop & Photoshop Elements

6 lessons starting Feb. 8

Make your photos pop. Photoshop Bootcamp will teach you basic color correction, sizing your images to print, sharpening techniques and more.

Cost: $89
Length: 7 weeks

Discount rate of $75 if you register by January 15

$5 off when you refer a friend


Aleks Bienkowska is an internationally published photographer and the founder of Polka Photos. She graduated from Boston University, where she received a degree in photojournalism and was a frequent contributor to The Daily Free Press. Aleks freelanced for several newspapers in the Midwest including the Ann Arbor News, Aurora Beacon News, Joliet Herald, and Elgin Courier before being hired full-time at the picture desk for Copley Newspapers. She established Polka Photos as a studio dedicated to wedding photojournalism and creative portraiture. She loves to travel and has photographed weddings as far away as the Dominican Republic. Aleks currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Mike of SurfMonkeyDesigns.com.